Backpack Electrostatic Sprayer
Backpack Electrostatic Sprayer

A backpack ready to go

Ultra-low volume

Convenient for operation and control

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Product Introduction

Electrostatic spraying is a revolutionary technology for disinfection applications. During the spraying process, the electrostatically charged droplets create an electric field that allows the droplets to adhere to the surface of any object within a certain distance by electrostatic force. The gravitational force of the electrostatic field is 75 times that of the gravity. Its power is so great that the droplets will reverse to cover the back of the target, even on hidden, difficult-to-reach surfaces, which are usually ignored by traditional devices.

High pressure air flow from the sprayer breaks solutions into uniform droplets in 40μm. The droplets are then electrostatically charged and break into smaller ones by overcoming the surface tension. Through double atomization, the charged droplets fully wrap the target surface due to the electrostatic effect. Meanwhile, it captures the suspended particles in the air, hence delivering efficient and compete disinfection effect. 

  • 360°
    Target fully wrapped for complete disinfection
  • 40μm
    Fine and uniform droplets to maximize disinfection effect
  • 60dB
    Noise lower than conventional device
  • 50%
    Disinfectant saved by over 50%
Product Features

· Ultra-low volume, 1L equals 10L
Droplet generated by the backpack electrostatic sprayer is 40μm which is only half the diameter of adult hair. The small droplets can distribute evenly improving the spraying effect by 10 times without using more disinfectant.

· Disinfect Up to 1,000㎡one time
The spraying distance of the backpack electrostatic sprayer is 1.5m. Calculated as per the normal walking speed, an area of 1,000㎡can be disinfected on a full tank.

· Water and disinfectant saved, reducing replenishing frequency
Compared with traditional spraying, the ultra-low volume spraying saves disinfectant by over 50%, reducing disinfectant usage and replenishing frequency.

· 3-hour continuous operation on a single charge
The 24V lithium battery is capable of continuously powering the device for 3 hours on a single charge.

· Backpack design for convenient operation
Backpack design with wide strap delivers comfort and convenience during operation.

Technical Parameters
Description Backpack Electrostatic Sprayer
Model JES-BP18
Spray Distance >1.5m
Rate 60-100ml/min
Droplet Dia. 40um
Power 24V Lithium battery
Dimensions 380*230*480mm
Weight 10kg (without battery, disinfectant not included)
Storage Capacity 1L
Endurance 180min
Disinfection Area on a Full Tank 600-1000m²
Working Time on a Full Tank 10-16min
Disinfection Area on a Single Charge 7000-10000m²
Application Cases
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