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Electrostatic Disinfection:A Revolutionary Technology for Effectiveness

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Shanghai/August 19th, Shanghai International Epidemic Prevention Materials Exhibition and Forum 2020 was held in NECC-Hongqiao, Shanghai.It aims at building a platform for global epidemic prevention materials procurement, thus promoting the unified anti-epidemic action.


At the exhibition, electrostatic disinfection sprayers developed by Jereh C-Create attracted many visitors. They are the new generation of disinfection product with the advanced electrostatic spray technology, which can wrap around and evenly coat all types of surfaces for more complete effect, and save more than 50% of disinfectant. Now they have been exported to Europe, North America, Middle East, Latin America and Asia Pacific market, offering the ultimate clean for hospitals, airports and schools in combatting COVID-19.



Electrostatic Vs. Conventional Disinfection


SARS-CoV-2 can spread in several ways, including:


· Through direct contact with a contaminated surface or person, which is then spread to the mouth, nose, ears, or eyes.


· Inhalation of aerosolized particles that are spread along air currents in poorly ventilated buildings;


· Ingestion or inhalation of sputum-covered particles expelled within approximately one meter (typically) of a contaminated person when they cough or sneeze.


The wide-ranging transmission methods are what makes it somewhat unique to our experience, and why electrostatic disinfection has increased in popularity since the outbreak.


The conventional cleaning and disinfection methods will likely leave numerous surfaces routinely untouched and unsanitized, making them hotbeds for the spread of pathogens and bacteria.


Compounding the issue is the need to regularly disinfect very large spaces, such as gyms, or areas with numerous surfaces, such as classrooms.


Conventionally, the more time and labor-power is required, and the more likely something will be missed, thereby increasing the likelihood of spreading pathogens.



Electrostatic disinfection appliances resolve many of the issues by:


• Eliminating missed surface areas through electrostatic particle attraction. When the disinfectant is sprayed, the electrically-charged droplets will wrap around and evenly coat the surfaces at 75 times the force of gravity.


• Enhancing disinfection performance with evenly mist. The small and even droplets can thoroughly coat an entire three-dimensional surface of suspended particles in the air, reducing the risk of exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19


•Touchless application: No cross-contamination from one surface to another. It is more likely to be left on the surface for long enough to be maximally effective.


The COVID-19 outbreak has significantly increased interest in advanced cleaning and disinfection technologies, specifically electrostatic sprayers.


Jereh C-Create Technology Co., Ltd. developed four types of electrostatic sprayers including mobile disinfection station, disinfection vehicle, backpack and wheeled disinfection case to meet different application requirements. They reduce the number of workers required to sanitize a facility meaning money on staffing costs as well as cleaning solutions and materials will be saved.  



Whatever kind of disinfection you need, reach out to Jereh today to find out what our electrostatic disinfection solution can do for you.