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Electrostatic Technology Helps Theatres Reopen as COVID-19 Alleviates

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Recently, the State Council has issued the normalization prevention and control work instruction from the State Council on joint prevention and control mechanism coping with the Covid-19, which pointed out that according to related technical guide, on the basis of implementing prevention and control measures, closed entertainment venues like cinemas and game centers can be re-opened after adopting appointment and traffic restriction measures.

On May 11, the Ministry of Culture held the teleconference on the management task of boosting the re-opening of cultural business places, and stressed that commercial performance venues should not accommodate more audience than 30% of their maximum capability, staff and actors should keep proper social distance and real-name system for audience is also required. Meanwhile, “disinfection for every single audience” and ”disinfection after every single usage” policies for used internet equipment and recreation facilities are also required to be further implemented and the epidemic prevention and control measures should be refined. 

This is definitely a good news for cinemas and theaters that have been closed for more than 4 months

Theater Disinfection Raises Great Challenges 

Yantai Grand Theater, with 11,400㎡ area, is the first theater that Poly Theater Management set up in Shandong Province. The auditorium has 2 floors and 1,221 seats while the backstage has 4 dressing rooms and 5 VIP dressing rooms.  

The theater is large and closed with separate zones. 

A large quantity of fabric seats, electric appliance and frequent disinfection requirement have brought great challenges to disinfection task.

Jereh C-Create disinfection equipment brings perfect solution

In order to guarantee good performance of theater disinfection and provide a safe, sanitary and healthy environment for audience, staff and actors, on the afternoon of May 5, Yantai Grand Theater adopted the high-tech electrostatic disinfection series products developed by Jereh C-Create to disinfect all the areas and regions intensively, including the auditorium, performance hall, backstage, dressing rooms, offices, corridors and restrooms.

These products can realize 360° disinfection to help disinfect the theater thoroughly with no dead end.

Comprehensive Disinfection Solves This Challenging Puzzle

Yantai Grand Theater uses Jereh C-Create electrostatic disinfection series products to conduct comprehensive and thorough disinfection.

For wide space like halls and stages, the electric disinfection vehicle can achieve fast and effective disinfection. For auditorium that is packed with seats, the smaller and more flexible electrostatic disinfection backpack or disinfection suitcase can be more convenient and efficient. For dressing rooms and central control rooms, mobile electrostatic disinfection station is more convenient to move around through different rooms.

Compared with conventional disinfection which is likely to cost 6 staff a whole day, by adopting  Jereh C-Create electrostatic disinfection series products, disinfection for the whole theater can take less than an hour.

Electrostatic Disinfection Equipment is the Best Choice for Theater Disinfection

Apart from efficiency, theaters also requires higher disinfection effect because closed environment like theaters can’t dilute the virus by air flow.

Jereh C-Create electrostatic disinfection equipment adopts the most advanced electrostatic technology, which enables every disinfectant droplet to carry the electrostatic interaction, which is 75 times the force of its gravity that can bring about great absorbability and even capture virus floating in the air.

In addition, the air flow generated by sprayers can spread the disinfectant droplets to much higher and farther places to achieve large-scope disinfection.

Moreover, the seats in the auditorium are fabric and can be wet out by using conventional disinfection equipment so that the audiences can’t sit down. Whereas by adopting electrostatic disinfection equipment, this problem can be perfectly solved. 

Jereh C-Create electrostatic sprayer adopts double atomization tunnels that can scatter the disinfectant into 40μm diameter droplets, which is less than half the diameter of an adult’s hair. Droplets of this size can be sprayed directly at fabric materials and for electric appliance without wetting the materials or posing electric risks. The disinfection is safe and efficient and disinfected items can be used right after disinfection.  

“I’m so glad. It’s been a while since last time I went to the theater. Those cultural and recreational activities are really important to us. We’ve been longing for this!” Mr. Wang, who was walking around near the theater. “The theater is paying great attention to disinfection. They are doing a good job with the epidemic prevention and control work. This makes us feel reassured.”

The theater director points out that we cooperate with Jereh C-Create and adopt these new high-tech products to guarantee a thorough disinfection so as to ensure the safety and health of our staff and audience. Before the re-opening, we will conduct disinfection every two days. After the official re-opening, we will further implement and refine the epidemic prevention and control measures.