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Airport disinfection, just one equipment can do all.

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Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee “Xue Xi Qiang Guo” states on May 6:

At the press conference of the State Council of joint prevention and control mechanism on May 6, Xiaoyuan Yao, the captain of Hygiene and Disinfection Expert Team of Prevention and Control Group stationed in Wuhan and the deputy director of the Environment and Health Related Product Security Institute, pointed out that disinfection is a complicated task that requires skills and techniques and various disinfection methods should be used according to different places and scenario.

Airports cover a large area with complex layouts and high passenger flow. Not only should we pay attention to the disinfection of the area inside the airports, we also have to focus on the disinfection of airplane passenger cabins. All of these have raised difficulties and challenges in terms of airport disinfection.

Disinfection for diverse and complex places like airports certainly requires various disinfecting methods.  

This series of products will be enough for airport disinfection! 

Pick the large one to disinfect large space thoroughly and easily

Airports contains large areas and multiple floors. Conventional disinfection always requires repetitive re-filling or re-charging for the equipment, which costs considerable time and workload.

The electric disinfection vehicle developed by Jereh C-Create is able to contain 80L disinfectant and features 8 meters effective spraying distance. According to calculation, with Jereh electric disinfection vehicle, one person can disinfect an area of more than 30,000 square meters in an hour, completely solving the difficulties and challenges of disinfecting large and complex areas.

Besides the large capacity disinfectant tank, it also comes with an ultra-long life lithium battery to enable 1.5 hour continuous operation without power supply. 

Needless to re-fill or re-charge frequently, it can save time and increase efficiency dramatically.

The one with slim body to disinfect aisles conveniently

Departure lounge chair region is a key area regarding airport disinfection.

The mobile electrostatic disinfection station developed by Jereh C-Create is of the width of less than an adult body, which makes it very easy to pass through aisles between chairs. This slim body comes with a 20L capacity disinfectant tank and a long-service life lithium battery to enable the disinfection for the whole lounge chair region. 

This mobile electrostatic disinfection station adopts the most advanced electrostatic tech in the world to enable the sprayed disinfectant droplets to carry electrostatic charge, which brings an electrostatic interaction 75 times the force of its own gravity. This enables the droplets to overcome the gravity and get absorbed thoroughly and firmly onto the surface of certain object even if it’s a vertical surface such as chair back. 

The chairs after disinfection with electrostatic disinfectant sprayers won’t get wet out. No further cleaning is needed and people can sit down right away on the chairs without wetting their clothes.

Pick the smaller disinfection equipment for disinfecting narrow places like passenger cabins. 

Passenger cabins of airplanes are also key areas for disinfection. 

Passenger cabins are closed space requiring extra attention of disinfection. The airplane layout is more complex with lots of gaps, corners and fabric materials, all of which brings about challenges for passenger cabin disinfection.

Therefore, Jereh C-Create develops electrostatic disinfection sprayers especially for narrow regions, which are electrostatic disinfection backpack and wheeled electrostatic disinfection suitcase.

These two products are characterized by flexibility and portability as well as all advantages of electrostatic spraying disinfection equipment mentioned above. They’re small in size but feature long battery service life and ultra-low volume spray, which requires lower refilling frequency and 1L disinfectant will achieve the disinfection performance equivalent to that of 10L disinfectant consumed by conventional equipment. It’s super suitable for narrow airplane passenger cabins. The extra-long connecting tube allows the nozzle to reach up to luggage carrier and down towards under the chair, making the disinfection more thorough.

The chairs in passenger cabins are fabric and easy to get wet out, which brings great difficulties to disinfection.

However, the disinfectant droplets created by electrostatic disinfection sprayers after second electrostatic crack will form smaller particles with the diameter of 40μm, which is equivalent to half the diameter of  an adult’s hair. The droplets won’t wet out the chairs, hence second cleaning is no more needed. As a result, the disinfection can save cost and improves disinfecting effectiveness dramatically.

Even though airport disinfection is rather difficult, with Jereh C-Create electrostatic disinfection series products, it can be convenient and efficient.

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