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An Elevator Containable Electric Disinfection Vehicle: one person can disinfect 30,000m² in just one hour.

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At present, our country’s pandemic-prevention focus shifts from domestic control to overseas input.  Airline is the major international travel method so that airports have become a critical gateway for overseas input.


Airport disinfection is a rather challenging task considering the wide area, multiple regions, complex layout, as well as the multi-storey building design. Therefore, the disinfection task for airports can be very hard and requires heavy workload. Disinfecting a 90,000 square meters airport could require 5 or 6 staff to work continuously for up to 6 hours.


Jereh C-Create self-developed electric disinfection vehicle is perfectly suitable for disinfection of large-area space such as airports and malls. According to our calculation, one person can disinfect an area of more than 30,000 square meters in one hour with our disinfection vehicle.


Small size fitted for elevators

This product combines high capacity and flexibility, which is quite simple to operate.


We adopt one-button control system to move forward and backward, making it easy to adjust directions. Walking around with traditional heavy disinfecting boxes is no more needed and the large-area disinfection can be simply achieved.


This disinfection vehicle features a compact design, which enables itself to fit in elevators easily. After disinfection of one floor, it can be move to next floor by the elevator, which makes it really convenient to disinfect multiple-floor buildings.


Electrostatic technology improves disinfection performance

Halfway disinfection can lead to the risk of virus spreading because the unkilled virus will flow in the air. 


Droplets created by traditional sprayers are larger and less absorbent, which tend to gather together and form big water mass. When sprayed on vertical surfaces like walls or windows, they are most likely to flow down to the floor under the force of gravity, and incapable of killing the virus floating in the air.   


Jereh C-Create electric disinfection vehicle adopts double-atomization tunnel to crack the droplets. After scattered by high-pressure air flow, the droplets can overcome its own surface tension with the electrostatic charge they carry and be cracked into smaller particles with the diameter of 40μm, which is equivalent to half the diameter of an adult’s hair.


Moreover, the most advanced electrostatic technology we adopt allows the disinfectant droplets to carry electrostatic charge, which brings an electrostatic interaction equivalent to 75 times the force of the droplets’ gravity. This enables the droplets to overcome the gravity and get absorbed thoroughly and firmly onto the surface of certain object even if it’s a vertical surface. This perfect absorbability enhances the disinfection performance and also saves the disinfectant because no further cleaning is needed after disinfection and the normal business operation will not be affected.


One Charge Enables 1.5h Continuous Operation

Our electric disinfection vehicle features an 80L large disinfectant tank and an ultra-long life lithium battery to enable 1.5 hour continuous operation without power supply.


Needless to refill or recharge frequently, it can save time and increase efficiency dramatically.


Along with our Elevator Containable Electric Disinfection Vehicle, Jereh C-Create has also launched a series of electrostatic disinfection sprayers for various usage scenario.


Mobile Disinfection Station

Wheeled Disinfection Suitcase

Disinfection Backpack Ready to Go


Jereh C-Create Technology Ltd. was established in 2015 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jereh Group (stock code: 002353). Jereh C-Create Technology focuses on R&D and innovation of automated, intelligent and customized technological products, and provides customers with competitive solutions. As an innovation-driven company, Jereh C-Create Technology has established a unique R&D and innovation system and adheres to creating maximum values for customers with technology and innovation.

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