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Choose the Right Equipment and Disinfection Does More With Less

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–Neither Capacity nor Flexibility? Jereh C-Create Electrostatic Disinfectant Sprayers Satisfy all!


Too Hard!
They Do the Disinfection So!


With cities restoring production in succession, airports and railway stations are back to former “excitement”. Under the environment that the COVID-19 epidemic hasn’t been wholly controlled, these high density and high flow places become key disinfection regions.


At the Shanghai Railway Station, after every EMU comes back the first work is disinfection. For complete disinfection and not corrosion of the train, staffs use the water can to spray disinfectants on key parts and then wipe there.


At the Nanning Railway Station, staffs disinfect the key parts often touched by passengers such as handrails, toilet doors, carriage joints, toilets, waste boxes, air outlets and so on.


It will take one hour for 5 staffs to complete the work. Everyday they cannot stop working until 4 o’clock. 









Sacrifice Capacity for Flexibility?
Is Large Capacity Equipment Certainly heavy?
Large Capacity and High Flexibility? You can Have it ALL!

Jereh C-Create Technology Ltd. has internationally advanced electrostatic spray technology. According to market needs, we designed several types of preventing and controlling products, such as a Mobile Electrostatic Disinfection Station, an Electrostatic Disinfection Vehicle, a Backup Electrostatic Sprayer and etc. These products are available in different occasions for quickly and completely killing viruses.

A Mobile Disinfection System
Allowing Continuous Disinfection for an Entire Train by One Operator at a Time

The mobile disinfection system is no more than one person’s width. Its volume fits well in the train cabin and allows itself to move flexibly. It uses lithium battery which delivers long endurance as power source. Operation that is not limited by external power source makes work free. One person operation trolley-design brings high mobility and more convenience.

It’s flexible. Let’s see how much volume it has!
It looks “thin” but it has a 20L storage capacity, which equals 4 common portable medical kits. Besides, the consumption of the electrostatic sprayer is only 40% of the common equipment with the same effect. It allows continuous disinfection for 1.5 hours on a single charge. One operator can continuously disinfect an entire train at a time.


An Elevator Containable Electric Disinfection Vehicle
Allowing disinfection for an area of up to 30,000㎡ by one operator within one hour


The regions with high flow and high density, such as airports, markets are necessary disinfection places which cannot be ignored during the period of preventing and controlling the COVID-19 epidemic.

These places have large areas, high requirements and high frequency. But most of the equipment used before has the following shortcomings, small volumes, heavy weights, hard mobility, and poor endurance resulting in some questions, such as hard work, low efficiency and so on.

The electrostatic disinfection vehicle can perfectly solve the problem. It has an 80L volume storage. Its unilateral effective spraying distance reaches 4 meters. It allows continuous work for 1.5 to 3 hours on a single charge.

The vehicle uses lithium battery as power source. The size is elevator containable for flexible multilayer space disinfection and epidemic prevention. It allows effective disinfection for nearly 30,000㎡ by one operator within one hour.

A Backpack Ready to Go
Ultra-low volume, 1L equals 10L

The backpack electrostatic sprayer adapts in all kinds of common occasions. It has a shoulder trap design for comfortability. It can be used for disinfection when carried on the back with more convenience.
Droplets are slight and uniform with the effect that 1L equals 10L, lower disinfectant-adding frequency and higher work efficiency because of the unique electrostatic spray.

Seeing Is Believing!
The Real “Through” Disinfection Is Like This.

Compared with common equipment, Jereh C-Create electrostatic sprayer can ensure the disinfectant droplets sprayed slighter with a better effect. Target surfaces are 360° wrapped with disinfectant droplets by electrostatic interaction achieving through disinfection. 

Target Surfaces are 360° Wrapped. Eliminating Dead Zones.
There are charges on the equipment sprayer making the droplets attach charges. Electrostatic charges droplets wrap target surfaces in a 360°way and eliminate dead zones.

Evenly Coated on Surface Enhancing Disinfection Effect.
Charged droplets overcome suface tension and break into small ones with a 40um diameter and a better effect on abosorbility because of ultra-low volume and slight weight.

Slight Droplets Without Secondary Pollution
No secondary contamination nor secondary cleaning. It is suitable for electric appliance, books and fabric disinfection. Need no time for air-dry. Disinfection can be carried out during business hours.
Jereh C-Create Technology Ltd. Was established in 2015 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jereh Group (Stock Code: 002353).

Jereh C-Create Technology focuses on R&D and innovation of automation, intelligent and customized products, and provides customers with competitive solutions. As an innovation-drive company, we have established a unique R&D and innovation system, persisting in creating maximum values for customers with technology and innovation.

We adheres to the service philosophy of “Focus on customer needs and exceed customer exceptions” and the delivering of smart, efficient and environmentally-friendly solutions for customers.