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Confirmed case continually decreasing 8 days. Jereh C-Create electrostatic spray disinfection equipment protecting the designated COVID-19 treatment hospital.

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According to the statistics of the national health commission, from 0:00 to 24:00 on February 11, a total of 4740 patients were cured in China, and 377 new cases were confirmed outside hubei province, showing a trend of decline for the 8th consecutive day.

The rising cure number strengthen people's confidence in the victory over novel coronavirus, the epidemic prevention showed a good trend, which is inseparable from the unity of the whole country and the insistence on rigorous epidemic prevention plan.

In yantai, shandong, as of February 11, a total of 43 covid-19 patients have been confirmed, and 3 have been successfully cured, two of them from yantai qishan hospital (yantai infectious disease hospital).

1. Ensure the safety of the medical environment
To protect the lives of doctors and patients

Yantai qishan hospital is one of the 10 designated hospitals for the treatment of novel coronavirus in shandong province, which has admitted many COVID - 19 patients.
The disinfection equipment used here is the electrostatic spray equipment jointly developed by Jereh C-Create and ESS in the United States.
This advanced anti-epidemic equipment, because of the electrostatic technology, the spray droplets can effectively adsorb the target virus, and can capture the airborne virus.

It can be used in a variety of hospital scenarios, such as: ward, ambulance, door handle, treatment area, windbreak curtain, etc.
Previously, the device has helped many hospitals to carry out disinfection, to protect medical staff in the treatment of patients. Also, to protect patients during treatment, to avoid cross-infection.
In the process of spraying disinfectant, some areas are difficult to cover because of various reasons, very likely to appear insufficient disinfection in terms of the virus could be exist in some straight corners.
Electrostatic spray disinfection equipment use electrostatic adsorption, can be sprayed on the back side of the object to adsorbed disinfectant, but also through strong penetration to disinfect some straight corner of an area. Gives more efficient and better protection against the erosion of novel coronavirus.

2. During enterprise resuming production
Disinfection and epidemic prevention cannot be neglected
Actually, it is not just the hospital, as each big enterprise returns to work, in order to protect production, epidemic prevention disinfection job still can be ignored. The area such as office place, meeting room, dining-room even company bus also need disinfection.

Disinfection and epidemic prevention can reduce the burden on medical treatment. Everyone, every organization should realize importance to disinfection and epidemic prevention, put on the armor against the virus during the epidemic, protect yourself also protect the people around you.