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Novel Corona-virus can be spread through aerosols, how to protect our-self?

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At 14:00 on February 8th, the Shanghai Leading Group for Epidemic Prevention and Control held a press conference at which the health and epidemic prevention experts emphasized that the Currently, novel coronavirus transmission routes can be determined in addition to droplet transmission and contact transmission, new aerosol transmission.

What is aerosol spreading?
Aerosol spreading means the nucleus composed of proteins and pathogens that is lost by the droplets during the air suspension process, forming a droplet nucleus, which can float to a distance through the form of aerosol, causing long-distance virus transmission.

The aerosol transmission path is more hidden. Patients will pollute the surrounding space and spread the virus by aerosol transmission, which will cause virus infection to people in the environment.
For example, the situations we can come into contact with daily. When a person smokes in the room, even after a half-hour, people can still smell the smoke after entering the room. This is because these fumes can form aerosols smaller than 5 microns and float in the air for a long time.

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How to deal with aerosol transmission?
1. Cancel all social gatherings;
2. Keep window open regularly, more ventilation, to maintain the circulation of indoor air;
3. Wash hands, wear a mask, and pay attention to personal hygiene;
4. Disinfection: 75% ethanol or chlorine-containing disinfectant

When spraying disinfection, the common spray machine spray of disinfectant droplets cannot capture the aerosol, it is difficult to accurately and comprehensively make the aerosol deposition and kill the virus.

Aerosol can bring electricity generated from the collision with gas ions in the atmosphere or the friction with the medium. Using electrostatic spray equipment, disinfectant droplets can capture the virus in the air under the action of electrostatic adsorption, to achieve all-round attachment to the target, more accurately kill the virus, and achieve the maximum efficacy.

The environments that electrostatic spray disinfection equipment can be applied to.

When used for hospital disinfection, it is recommended to focus on the following scenarios:

Fever department. Currently, fever department is the key department for the diagnosis of suspected cases in the hospital. The possibility of the virus is the highest, which is easy to cause air pollution.
Clinic area, crowded, the situation is complex, and the possibility of causing virus air pollution is high;
Hospital halls and key passages with dense crowds, ambulances used to pick up and drop off patients, the space is closed, novel coronavirus transmission by aerosol is high.
In addition to hospital disinfection, electrostatic spray equipment can also be widely used in daily disinfection of public places, such as office area disinfection, gym disinfection, public leisure area disinfection, public transport disinfection, street disinfection, etc., according to different scenarios have different types of electrostatic spray disinfection equipment to deal with.

In the face of a variety of transmission modes of novel coronavirus, we need to attach importance to it, but don't panic, correct response, proper prevention and disinfection, and also protect yourself as well as the people around you.

Jereh C-Creat will be with you to deal with novel coronavirus, we believe that the outbreak will be over soon.