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Jereh C-Create Debuts with electrostatic spraying equipment at China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair

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On April 18, the 7th China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair (CSITF) opened in Shanghai. As China's first national-level, international, and professional technology trade fair approved by the State Council, CSITF has attracted nearly a thousand companies to participate.

Jereh C-Create Technology Ltd.  showed up at the exhibition site with a backpack-style electrostatic spraying equipment, attracting many customers to Jereh's booth for product consultation and in-depth communication.

In recent years, with the introduction of a number of national policies such as the “‘Internet Plus’ Three-year Implementation Plan for Modern Agriculture”, and “Opinions on Further Accelerating the Development of the Agricultural Product Processing Industry”, new trend of agricultural development is taking the lead, including the development and application of emerging technologies and products, as well as the development of modern agriculture . Agriculture will gradually transit to an era of intelligent, efficient, accurate and correlative agricultural machinery. Jereh is committed to providing customers with comprehensive solutions for precision agriculture and intelligent agriculture which gains wide market recognition and strong support from government agencies.

At the fair, the engineers of Jereh demonstrated the spraying process of the electrostatic spraying equipment, showing the all-around adsorption performance of the equipment, which is in sharp contrast with the traditional sprayer. The demonstration presentation attracted a large number of attendees.


The electrostatic spraying equipment jointly launched by Jereh and US ESS, combines 20 years of high-end equipment manufacturing experience and the most advanced electrostatic spray technology in the world. The sprayed droplets are small and uniform, with an average diameter of 40 microns which equals half long of the hair diameter. Under the action of static electricity, the droplets can overcome the gravity to adsorb to the crop surface in all directions, and enhance the application effect. At the same time, it can provide customized solutions for different scenarios such as orchards, hills, fields, greenhouses, etc., which has significant advantages in terms of efficiency, cost and environmental protection.

Apart from electrostatic spraying equipment, the exhibition also introduced a series of advanced agricultural machinery products such as self-propelled orchard operating platforms, pruning, and weeding which won the praise of the exhibitors.

Vice President of Jereh Group, Mr. Hu Wenguo said: "Jereh C-Create Technology Ltd. will continue to strengthen product development, provide more comprehensive solutions that meet the market's precision agriculture and intelligent agriculture, and are committed to bringing more intelligent, more efficient and more environmental friendly agricultural equipment to global users , to make agriculture better, and help the development of modern agriculture in China.