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Jereh Electrostatic Spraying: Make the Orchard Spraying Easy and Convenient

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Recently, the electrostatic spraying plant protection equipment jointly developed by Jereh and USA ESS, have successfully went offline and completed the testing in Yantai, Shandong. This equipment is currently the most advanced plant protection machinery in the world. Compared with traditional spraying, it can save more than 60% of farm chemicals. Along with the promotion and application, it will be of great significance to reduce environmental pollution, ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products, and effectively improve the efficiency of pesticide application.

Electrostatic Spray Saves Pesticide, Water and Time

For each orchard owner, pests control is the most headache thing during the management of the orchard. For example, apples need to be sprayed 8 to 12 times a year, and during the season of high disease and pests, they must be sprayed with farm chemicals once every 7 to 10 days. For another example of the standard wine-making vineyard plant protection, with an ordinary spraying machine, two to three hundred kilograms of water are used for one acre of land. When spraying the fruit trees, it is like washing a car with a spray gun, and the liquid drops down continuously. This way of spraying farm chemicals is lively called "like taking a bath", which is not only cost labor and time, but also causes great waste of farm chemicals solution and environmental pollution.

Compared with the traditional spraying way, electrostatic spraying plant protection is more environment friendly and more efficient. By controlling the particle size of the droplets and charging them to increase the adsorption force, it can greatly increase the utilization rate of farm chemicals and save more than 60% of the amount of farm chemicals. At the same time, the electrostatic spraying equipment water used is less than half of the traditional spraying equipment, and it is no longer necessary to add water and farm chemicals frequently, which greatly improves the labor efficiency.

↑Traditional Farm Chemicals Sprayer VS Electrostatic Farm Chemicals Sprayer↓


Charged Mist Droplets “Lock” Crops 360 Degrees to Improve Prevention Effect

How can electrostatic spraying technology greatly save water and save farm chemicals? Mr. Liu, the manager of Jereh 's electrostatic spraying project, introduced that electrostatic spraying technology uses a high-voltage electric field to charge the droplets of the atomized liquid, an advanced technology to make the droplets carry electrical charges. Under the action of electrostatic force, the farm chemicals are more likely to adhere to the front, back and hidden areas of the plant leaves, effectively increasing the deposition. In addition, the droplets formed by electrostatic atomization are fine and uniformly distributed. After being charged, the drug activity can be improved, the control effect can be improved, and the farm chemicals can be saved. The advantages of its application in pesticides are particularly obvious. After the droplets are charged, they can more efficiently adhere to the surface of the pest and penetrate into the hidden parts of the pest. The same effect can be achieved with less pesticides.

Jereh Successfully Tested Electrostatic Spraying Plant Protection Equipment

Strong Cooperation  Jereh to lead the world in electrostatic spray equipment

It is reported that the electrostatic sprayomg application technology started early in foreign countries, and the results have been rapidly transformed and industrialized in developed countries, and have been applied in many plant protection fields. The domestic research on electrostatic spraying technology is late, and industrial application is still in its starting stage in China. Due to the lack of a unified industry standard, there are gaps in product quality and operating result, and the reliability of key components is not good. It is often difficult to meet the actual operating requirements in terms of atomization and charging effects.

Jereh and US ESS Jointly Organize Testing

This electrostatic spraying plant protection equipment jointly launched by Jereh and US ESS, combines 20 years of high-end equipment manufacturing experience and the world's most advanced electrostatic spraying technology, from the technical principles, core component selection, and product manufacturing check to ensure that the equipment reaches the international top level. "Taking the fan as an example, currently domestic similar products generally use open axial fans, and the electrostatic spraying plant protection equipment introduced by Jereh uses closed type roots fans, which are more efficient, have sufficient gas volume, and can be more accurate to control the air flow, accordingly to provide strong power for the atomization of the chemical liquid and ensure the atomization effect. In addition, on the nozzle and the high-voltage charging module, we also apply the world's most advanced technology in this field. This can make the sprayed chemical liquid small and uniform, single droplet is thinner than half of the hair; high voltage charging makes the droplet carry sufficient charge, which can overcome gravity to adsorb to the surface of the crop in all directions and enhance the application effect." Manager Liu introduced.


Economical 300 MuOrchard Can Earn Back Equipment Costs Within Two Years

Why it is an economical equipment? Manager Liu showed to us through claculation. The electrostatic spraying equipment launched by Jereh has significant advantages in water and chemicals saving compared to traditional spraying machines. Taking 300 mu of orchards as an example, 150 kilogram chemicals needed per mu, it is costing 0.4 yuan per kilogram, and assume 10 times per year, the annual chemical cost is 180,000 yuan. If you use the electrostatic spraying equipment introduced by Jereh, you can save more than 60% of chemical every year, and you can save more than 100,000 yuan each year. In addition, the use of electrostatic spray plant protection equipment could protect crops better, reduce losses due to the pests and diseases, and improve fruit quality, thereby increasing farmers' income and earning back equipment costs within two years. In addition, electrostatic spraying can also reduce pesticide soil deposition and air pollution, responding to the national call for green agriculture, and is expected to be supported by government policy in the future.

Huge Development Space for the Electrostatic Spray Market

At present, there is a large difference between China and strong agricultural countries in terms of output per unit area. The main reason is that agricultural equipment and agricultural technology are lagging behind, meantime causing serious environmental pollution, waste of chemicals, and waste of water. Taking pesticide use as an example, the utilization rate of pesticides in China is only 15% -20%, while the utilization rate of pesticides in developed agricultural countries can reach 50% -60%, resulting in serious chemicals waste and environmental pollution.

The "Zero Growth in Pesticide Use by 2020 Action Plan" issued by the Ministry of Agriculture clearly stated that during the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, advanced technologies for electrostatic spraying and low-capacity spraying will be highly promoted. National policy support will bring late-coming advantages to the development of electrostatic spraying technology in China, and there is a lot of room for future development of electrostatic spraying equipment.

Mr. Hu Wenguo, Vice President of Jereh Group, said: "The first six orders for Jereh's innovative electrostatic spraying equipment have been taken offline. With the successful completion of prototype production testing, batch production of equipment will soon begin. Later, we will put more efforts on the field of agricultural plant protection, breakthrough key technologies such as targeted spraying, on-line mixing, and intelligent diagnosis, and continued to expand the application field of electrostatic spraying technology. In addition, Jereh also developed a series of new agricultural equipment such as pruning, harvesting, and sorting around field management. We are committed to letting global customers enjoy more intelligent, more efficient, and more environmental friendly agricultural equipment, to make the agriculture better!