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Awesome! Jereh Apple Picking Platform Quintuples Efficiency.

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Do you know when the apples get ripe?

Apples are generally seen on a large scale in late August and early September, leading to the misconception that all apples are harvested at this time.

In fact, the harvest time is not the same for all the apples, but different according to geographical location, altitude, variety and other factors.

Nevertheless, thanks to the convenience of transportation and logistics, apples from different places can be transported to the whole country immediately after being picked, thus the time of picking is misunderstood by people.



The picking time for different apple varieties is different, and the growing period of apple fruits is usually stable -under the normal climate conditions. Generally, early-maturing varieties shall get mature in 60 to 100 days after flowering, while medium-maturing variety in 100 to 140 days, medium late maturing variety in 140 to 160 days, and late maturing varieties in 160 to 190 days. Therefore, the time of apple picking should not be generalized and could be judged from the following aspects:


Skin Color

During the growth of the most apple varieties, the skin color changes regularly. The base color of the skin changes from dark green to yellow or light green gradually. The ripening of the fruit is indicated only by the change of the base color from green to yellow.




When the fruit is really ripe, the separation layer will be formed between the fruit stalk base and the branch, and the mature fruit may fall off with a little external force.



Seed color

In the process of fruit growth, the seed turns to grow browning; when the fruit is cut open, the seeds are brown, indicating that the fruit has been already mature.



Hardness of the Fruit

As the fruit ripens, the sugar content will increase and the hardness will gradually decrease, while the hardness shall be relatively stable when the fruit ripens.


Climate of the Year and Market Supply & Demand

If there is a natural disaster, = manpower should be organized to harvest in advance. Early or late harvest shall be arranged in accordance with the market conditions so as to obtain better economic benefits.



Coloring Degree

When the bagging technology is applied, we can remove the fruit bags and then carry out color enhancement measures such as turning the fruit, pinching the leaves and laying reflective film, that all the fruit colors can be changed into pink and ready to be picked. This is the best time for picking and either of coloring too light or too heavy is not popular in the market.



Today, in both developed and developing countries, fresh fruit is still picked manually, cost great deal of manpower, material and financial resources.


Traditional Way of Picking


Lots of apple growers wish to have picking machines with high quality, and the self-walking orchard platform created by Jereh C-Create could meet the needs of fruit growers for mechanical picking and make up for the disadvantages of manual picking.


Self-walking Orchard Platform Created by Jereh C-Create


During the fruit picking process, the self-walking orchard work platform created by Jereh C-Create is equipped with three kinds of lifting platforms of low, medium and high heights on the left and right sides, which can carry up 12 people at most, which can meet the picking demands for different heights of fruit trees, and perfectly replace the traditional picking mode that requires constant manual climbing up and down on the fruit trees. The protective fence equipped with the platform can also guarantee the safety of workers.


The self-walking orchard work platform created by Jereh C-Create needs no manual driving in the standardized orchard, and it’s stable when moving forward. The advance speed of the equipment is in line with the picking speed of the picker, ensuring that there is no leakage of fruit and no time wasting.


Moving Forward Steadily With Low Speed


This self-walking orchard work platform is equipped with conveyor belts of low, medium and high heights, so that workers on the platform of different heights can place the apples on the conveyor belt. The picked apples can be automatically collected into stacks thr  ough the conveyor belt, with no need of manual handling of the picking baskets, saving both time and labor.



The self-walking orchard work platform created by Jereh C-Create includes multiple functions, such as marching, picking, conveying and collecting, with an efficiency of more than 5 times that of traditional picking. It improves the fruit preservation rate and saves manpower greatly on the premise of ensuring artificial safety. Under the circumstance that standardized orchards have become a general trend, the self-walking orchards work platform by Jereh C-Create also plays a significant role, devoting to provide the fruit growers with more efficient and higher-quality services.