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Intelligent Sorting System by Jereh C-Create realizes automatic grading and picking

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Apple is one of the most familiar fruits and has the reputation of "the king of fruits". There is an  idiom saying that "an apple a day keeps the doctor away". Moreover, as apple tastes sweet, juicy and crispy with rich nutrition, they are popular among almost all groups of people. 

China is a major country of apple planting with a wide planting range, and the annual planting area is increasing each year.

The picking time for different apple varieties is different, and the growing period of apple fruits generally has a stable growth and development period under the normal climate conditions. Generally, early-maturing varieties shall get mature in 60 to 100 days after flowering, while medium-maturing variety in 100 to 140 days, medium late maturing variety in 140 to 160 days, and late maturing varieties in 160 to 190 days. Therefore, the time of apple picking should not be generalized and measures shall be adjusted according to local conditions and varieties.

Apples are not directly shipped to the market after they are picked, but rather need to be graded to meet different market demands. What is grading? How about the ways of grading? 

Fruit grading

Grading is to appropriately adjust the harvested fruits according to the shape, size, color, texture, maturity, mechanical damage, plant diseases and insect pests and other characteristics, sort them into a number of neat categories, so that the same category of fruit could be the same in size and quality, and achieve the standardization of production and sales based on the relevant standards.

Apple Sorting With Grading Board

Traditional Manual Visual Sorting

At present, the method of artificial grading is still adopted in most apple producing areas. The size of the fruit is determined by the grading board, and the fruits are divided into several grades on basis of the transverse diameter by the round holes on the grading board of different sizes. However, the fruit shape, color, fruit face cleanliness and other indicators are completely determined by manual visual and empirical judgment, with low efficiency, low accuracy and low standard.

Mechanical grading has been widely applied in developed countries. There are two types of grading machineries, and one with simple structure can divide the fruits into several grades by conveyor belt only according to the size of the fruits. Intelligent Sorting System by Jereh C-Create, a more advanced grading machinery, could realize the accurate detections of the fruit quality both inside and outside, including the outside color, size, shape, defect, internal sweetness and acidity and bad heart disease, which can be completed simultaneously. Moreover, it completes high-speed and accurate grading and sorting based on manually-set standard, avoiding the artificial visual errors, and also including the aspects that eyes cannot detect, with efficiency of 3 to 5 times that of the manual work and much higher accuracy.

The intelligent sorting system by Jereh C-Create can not only complete the high-speed and accurate grading and sorting work based on the manually-set standard, but also assist with the fruit surface dirt cleaning, surface waxing and surface drying procedures. The fruit washing, blow-drying, waxing, grading, weighing and packaging shall be completed at a time, with accurate grading and high working efficiency, and up to 5 tons of fruits can be sorted per hour.

The intelligent sorting system by Jereh C-Create is not only applicable for apple sorting, but also applicable for other fruits such as pears, citrus, peaches, pineapples and so on, and the many kinds of vegetables like hot pepper, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, etc. there are 1 to 6 sorting line channels optional, with the fastest sorting speed up to 15 fruit cups per second for each channel. The diameter of the sortable object ranges are from 20 to 180 mm with a mass accuracy of less than 1.5 g. The main material of the equipment is    food-grade stainless steel , and it has a wide range of application, could afford large amount of work with high efficiency and guarantee safety and security. 

The intelligent sorting system by Jereh C-Create adopts modular design, which can meet the personalized needs of different customers and the requirements of growers to improve production efficiency, ensure quality and accuracy, so that growers could truly get their hands free and obtain better achievements with less efforts.