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Jereh Electrostatic Spray Equipment Created under Tests in National Modern Agricultural Park.

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“The electrostatic spraying equipment is amazing!  The application of drugs becomes simple and affordable. It’s a good news for pest control on fruit trees and also helps the farmers to increase the income." Recently, the electrostatic sprayer created by Jereh C-Create was put into pesticide test in North Luotang Base of Qixia, the apple city, where a national comprehensive agricultural development project locates.  Its remarkable drug saving effect, as well as the penetrability and adhesion achieve another level that traditional spray could not imagine, making the fruit growers sincerely convinced.


[The Most Advanced Plant Protection Equipment in The World Comes to the State-level Modern Agricultural Industrial Park]

The North Luotang Village Base in Zangjiazhuang Town, Qixia City is a national comprehensive agricultural development project. There is a state-level modern agricultural industrial park with a total area of 36.7 acres in the base, including 7.3 acres of high-quality standard apple trees with the average age of four years. The row spacing between trees is four meters, and the standardization degree of the orchard is quite high. In view of the actual situations of the base in Qixia, Jereh C-Create launched the electrostatic spray equipment Model 150SR to participate in the pesticide application.


Electrostatic Spray Equipment Works in the Orchard


According to Mr. Liu, an engineer from Jereh C-Create, the pesticide drop of the traditional air-assisted sprayer is too large and does not adhere evenly to the blade surface, while the electrostatic sprayer adopts the most advanced technology in plant protection field, and an electric field is set up near the nozzle so that the ordinary fog droplets become charged fog droplets swarm, known as droplet clouds. Under the action of electrostatic force and other external forces, fog droplets can be absorbed on the surface of crops evenly, which can improve the deposition efficiency and the utilizing rate of pesticides, and decrease the droplet drift losses and the ecological environmental pollutions.

This test mainly verified three effects of the electrostatic spray: water and pesticide saving, penetration, and adhesion on underside of leaves.


Jereh C-Create conducted the application test in Qixia Guodu Base with the electrostatic spray equipment.


The pesticide saving effect is remarkable with only 30% of the conventional dose.

It is understood that, people used to adopt the wind-driven spraying equipment to apply pesticides in this base, with pesticide dosage up to 1800 liters per acre and the cost of 650 yuan. According to the characteristics of the electrostatic spraying equipment, it is recommended that the concentration should be 1.5 to 4 times of the traditional concentration when using the electrostatic spray equipment in order to ensure the same pesticide deposition amount on the crop surface. The concentration of pesticide used in t   his field operation is twice that of traditional sprayer. A box of pesticide with a volume of 400 liters can be used on 22 mu of field, and only 18 liters of pesticide is needed for each mu. Since the concentration is twice that of traditional sprayer, it can be known that, the dosage of pesticide applied by electrostatic spraying equipment is only 30% of that of traditional sprayer. In this way, the application of the electrostatic spraying equipment by Jereh C-Create can save more than 50,000 yuan in pesticide costs for the 110-mu base every year. Thus, the economic benefit of electrostatic spraying equipment is quite obvious compared with the traditional sprayer.


The droplets of electrostatic spraying equipment are small and evenly distributed.


The inner leaves of the crown can also be applied with its strong penetration.

The strong penetration of electrostatic sprayer is a significant advantage compared with the traditional air-assisted sprayer. The traditional sprayer can only reach the outer leaves of the canopy, while the hidden leaves inside fail to contact the liquid, which affects the application effect. The engineers placed water-sensitive paper on the leaves inside the tree so as to test the penetration of the electrostatic sprayer.  The water-sensitive paper was dry before spraying, and it can be seen that, the surface of the paper was evenly coated with drops after spraying with the electrostatic spraying equipment.


Comparison on the inner leaves of the canopy before and after spraying


The underside of the leaves can also receive the pesticide evenly.

Generally, the traditional spraying can only be applied to the front of the leaves, not the back of the leaves, especially the back of mature fruits, which shall result in uneven application and eventually affect the quality of the fruits. The electrostatic spraying equipment by Jereh C-Create enables the back of the blade to receive the pesticide evenly through the electrostatic reverse suction because of its unique electrostatic spraying technology. In order to test this effect, the staff placed a water-sensitive paper on the opposite side of a leaf, and it can be seen that the leaf absorbs the drug evenly including the opposite side. 

 In this way, the application of the electrostatic spraying equipment by Jereh C-Create enables the whole fruit tree receive the pesticide evenly and fully, saving water and pesticide and maximizing the efficacy.


Comparisons on the back of leaf blade before and after spraying


Highly praised by fruit growers, the equipment helps a lot with preventing diseases and pests on fruit trees
Jereh Electrostatic Spraying Equipment Receives Favorable Reviews from Fruit Growers 

"The application of this equipment will not hurt the surface of the young fruit and can better help mature apples with coloring, as the droplets sprayed by the electrostatic spraying equipment can evenly adhere to the surface of the crop all-around, thus improving the quality of fruit and helping farmers increase the income." The management personnel of North Luotang base in Qixia Guodu are satisfied with the atomization effect of the electrostatic spraying equipment created by Jereh C-Create with high recognition. "The electrostatic spraying equipment really makes the application simple and affordable and it’s helpful for disease and insect prevention and increase the income of the farmers."


Jereh C-Create is committed to developing customized and advanced agricultural equipment in line with China's national conditions by introducing the international mature technology and combining with independent innovation, so that the users can enjoy more intelligent, efficient and environmentally friendly agricultural equipment, making agriculture better. 

Relying on the powerful strength of  20-year high-end equipment manufacturing of Jereh group and the excellent industrial incubation environment in Shandong peninsula, Jereh C-Create is full of confidence to make products with high quality and provide better services to all the clients.