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Jereh Presents Integrated Orchard Management Solution at CIAME 2019

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October 30 to November 1, CIAME (China International Agriculture Machinery Exhibition) 2019 was held in Qingdao, Shandong, which is Asia’s biggest exhibition in the field of agriculture machinery.

Jereh C-create, a wholly owned subsidiary of Jereh Group, showcased advanced series of agriculture equipment and orchard whole-process machinery management solutions. The innovative solution attracted great attention at the exhibition.


Use electrostatic spray to do more with less.


(On-site customers rush to consult electrostatic spray equipment)

<Live report>

Electrostatic spraying equipment can be described as the star product of this agricultural machinery exhibition, and many customers are attracted. The spraying demonstration on the spot was even blocked by the crowd. In the eyes of everyone, the sprayer looks like magic. Although the sprayer head sprays the apple from the front, the sprayer is evenly absorbed on the back of the apple.


(Customers watch electrostatic spraying live demo)

< Technology Interpretation >

Electrostatic spraying equipment is the most advanced plant protection product in the field of international plant protection jointly launched by Jereh C-Create and the US ESS. By establishing an electric field near the showerhead, ordinary droplets will become a group of charged droplets, which is called droplet cloud.

Under the action of electrostatic force and other external forces, the mist droplets are evenly absorbed on the crop surface, with high deposition efficiency and less droplet drift and loss. It can penetrate into hidden and fine parts such as the back of vegetation, so as to give full play to the efficacy of the medicine and help farmers save more than 60%. Also, the amount of pesticide used is less than half that of traditional sprayer, which greatly improves labor efficiency and saves costs.


(Professor He Xiongkui, an International plant protection expert and his party praised Jereh C-Create)

< Recognition of plant protection experts >

The efficient performance of Jereh C-Create's electrostatic sprayer has attracted the enthusiasm of agricultural workers. Many research institutions and agricultural machinery extension stations in various places have said that it is worthy of vigorous promotion. They believe that the spraying effect is good, the quality of the fruit is guaranteed, and the fruit exported by the fruit farmers can be sold at a high price.

Professor He Xiongkui, an internationally renowned plant protection research expert from China Agricultural University, also specially visited the booth to learn more about the situation. He also expressed high affirmation of the electrostatic spraying's water-saving and drug-saving performance and plant protection effect, and believed that the promotion of electrostatic spraying equipment will be of great significance for China to achieve its pesticide reduction target by 2020.

Intelligent agricultural machinery, higher efficiency with fewer people

"Difficult production and expensive labor" is a very difficult problem in the current forest and fruit industry. The intelligent agricultural machinery solution launched by Jereh C-Create is specifically aimed at solving this problem and has attracted the attention of the majority of fruit farmers.


The efficiency of intelligent fruit sorting is more than 5 times that of artificial efficiency. Accuracy: 100%

At the Jereh C-Create booth, Mr. Menashe Tamir, CEO of Israel-based company, Esthet Eilon, with a history of 85 years, also came to the site to give a wonderful report on innovative technologies and intelligent solutions for post-harvest processing of fruits and vegetables. He shared advanced sorting knowledge to the majority of participants and agricultural product operators, and recommended intelligent fruit sorting equipment in cooperation with Jereh.


(Israeli smart sorting experts give a live speech)

This equipment is equipped with two mainstream technologies of image processing and near-infrared spectroscopy, which can detect both the outside and the inside (color, size, fruit shape, defects, sweetness, acidity, mildew ...)

The efficiency of classifying apples at high speed and accuracy, avoiding manual visual errors, and covering aspects that are not visible to the naked eye, is 3 to 5 times that of manual, and the accuracy is unmatched by manual sorting.

Fruit washing, blow drying, waxing, grading, weighing, and packaging are completed at one time. The grading is accurate and the work efficiency is extremely high. Taking the 2-channel apple sorting program as an example, the sorting capacity is up to 5 tons per hour.

Working efficiency of self-propelled orchard platform is more than 6 times of manual efficiency.


(Fruit Tree Media interviews self-propelled orchard operating platforms and other products)

The self-propelled orchard operation platform is also a product that has been consulted by large fruit farmers. It completely changes the traditional way of manually using a ladder to climb and pick. By using a retractable lifting platform, it meets the needs of different picking height. Its conveying system can realize the fast transmission and automatic packing of fruits, and each person can pick 300 to 350 kg of apples per hour, which is 4 to 6 times of manual picking.

In addition, the modular design can realize the free combination of different modules. It can pick various types of fruits such as apples, peaches, etc. At the same time, it can assist in the completion of ascending operations such as pruning of fruit trees, thinning flowers and vegetables, bag picking, and truly realize one machine for multiple uses.

Orchard Full Mechanization Management Solution

Helping modern forestry fruit industry transform and upgrade

For the transition from traditional orchards to modern orchards, it is a key task that how to provide customized supporting machinery management solutions. At this exhibition, Jereh C-Create showed the full-scale mechanized management solution of the orchard, covering 8 major steps of orchard production: arable land preparation, furrowing and fertilization, irrigation, plant protection, mowing, flower and fruit management, branch and leaf pruning and branch shredding.


(Italian forest fruit machinery expert gave a live speech)

At the economic crop production mechanized enterprise report held on November 1, Xia Yu, deputy dean of Jereh C-Create Research Institute, mentioned that combining the needs of modern intelligent agricultural machinery, Jereh C-Create is committed to making every step of traditional orchard management situations requiring manual intervention replaced by current high-tech agricultural machinery equipment, which improves operational efficiency, reduces labor costs and labor intensity, and improves operational accuracy at the same time, and proposes professional solutions for the transformation and upgrading of modern agriculture in China.

Of course, we still have many outstanding products that have not been displayed at the exhibition. You can click on the video below to learn more.