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Jereh C-Create and Tiannong reached strategic cooperation to facilitate agricultural modernization!

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On October 31, Jereh C-Create Technology Ltd. and Xinjiang Tiannong Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Yantai, Shandong. The signing of the agreement signifies that the two sides will jointly expand and complete the agricultural machinery sales network in Xinjiang by realizing complementary advantages and strong alliances, and further help the agricultural modernization of the autonomous region, and promote the full mechanization of agricultural machinery.


Hu Wenguo, Vice President of Jereh Group, and Du Zhongguo, General Manager of Xinjiang Tiannong signed an agreement on behalf of both parties

Xinjiang Tiannong used to be the Autonomous Region Agricultural Machinery Corporation. In 2003, Xinjiang Tianxin Enterprise Group merged and acquired Xinjiang Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd.,. Upholding the aim of being bigger and stronger, a wholly-owned independent legal entity company was established at the end of 2007— Xinjiang Tiannong Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd.

As a leading enterprise in Xinjiang's agricultural machinery industry, Xinjiang Tiannong serves more than 80 counties, cities, and prefectures in Xinjiang. The company's sales service network construction covers the main agricultural planting areas of local and corps. It has been awarded as one of the Top 100 Enterprises in the Agricultural Machinery Circulation Industry in China for many years.

Representatives of Xinjiang Tiannong visited Jereh C-Create's booth during the agricultural machinery exhibition


President Du of Xinjiang Tiannong Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. and his party visited Jereh Group


President Du of Xinjiang Tiannong and his party visited Jereh C-Create agricultural equipment demonstration

Jereh C-Create Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jereh Group (stock code: 002353). The company focuses on the development of automated, intelligent and customized agricultural equipment, and provides customers with comprehensive solutions for precision agriculture and smart agriculture. As an innovative enterprise, Jereh C-Create has formed a unique R&D advantage, and its technology R&D in high-end forest and fruit equipment has been in an international leading position. Jereh C-Create adheres to the service concept of "Focus on customer’s needs, exceeding customer’s expectation" and is committed to bringing smarter, more efficient and environmentally-friendly agricultural equipment to global users and make agriculture better.

Hu Wenguo, Vice President of Jereh Group, said that Jereh C-Create will concentrate on investigating the actual development of the local forest and fruit industry in Xinjiang, and provide Xinjiang Tiannong with a strong and customized equipment guarantee to develop the local market. It is believed that after reaching a strategic cooperation, Jereh C-Create and Xinjiang Tiannong will open up a new world of modern agricultural machinery in Xinjiang to create a better future!