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The right plant protection equipment for the greenhouse

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The weather is getting colder and the open-air fruits and vegetables are dormant, but we can still eat fresh fruits and vegetables of the four seasons in the winter, thanks to the greenhouse. The greenhouse is covered by a plastic film, forming a special closed microclimate that is different from the open-air orchard. If you want to meet the conditions for crop growth and development to obtain high-quality & high-yield crops, you should master the environmental characteristics of the greenhouse and make correct control measures.



Plant protection is very important in the greenhouse. There are many points to know about correct pesticide application. Today we will discuss it together.

1. Selection of pesticide application time: 10 am on a sunny day is the time when the temperature in the greenhouse is rising. At this time, the growth and absorption pharmacology of the applied plant is better, which is suitable for pesticide application.

2. Do not apply pesticide immediately after the weather becomes sunny from a long- time cloudy day: when the weather just clears up , the foliage of the plant will not be strong due to long-term photosynthesis, which will cause thin leaves and weak fibrous tissue. One should  not spray pesticide until the greenhouse has been ventilated for one to two days.

3. Choose spraying equipment with a fine spray, which can spray uniformly. It is advisable that the liquid does not drip, does not form a large dew point, and the leaf surface is not wet before covering the shed.



The electrostatic spraying equipment jointly launched by Jereh C-Create Technology Ltd and US ESS is the most advanced plant protection equipment in the world. Because there is an electric field near the nozzle, the mist cloud turns to be fine and uniform, and can be firmly adsorbed on the blade, so that the liquid pesticide doesn’t drop.

Compared with conventional sprayer, Jereh C-Create’s electrostatic spraying equipment can help farmers save more than 60% of the amount of pesticides, and use less than half of the traditional spraying. Taking an 8-acre cucumber greenhouse as an example, the cost of medication per acre is 2,718 USD per year. If c 50% of the medication is reduced, it can save 10,874 USD per year.

In addition, electrostatic spraying equipment can give full play to the effectiveness of the fruit, good fruit looks, uniform fruit color and expansion, while increasing fruit yield can also increase value. Similarly, take 8 acres of cucumber greenhouse as an example. Two seasons per year, 15,179 kg per acres per season, the price is 0.43 USD per catty, and the annual gross income is  0.2 million USD. If calculated based on a 10% increase, the annual income can be increased by 21,748 CNY.



Jereh C-Create launched a series of electrostatic spraying products for different application scenarios of greenhouses


Powered hang-electrostatic spray products

When the line spacing meets the requirements, it is suitable for lettuce, cabbage, pepper, cucumber, tomato and other vegetables


Self-propelled electrostatic spray products

Suitable for lettuce, cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, pepper, eggplant, spinach, flowers and etc.


Powered rail electrostatic spray products

Suitable for tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, peas, beans, etc.


Power truss electrostatic spray products

Suitable for plant factories, modern greenhouses


Power boom electrostatic spray products

Suitable for plant factories, modern greenhouses, conventional greenhouses, flower greenhouses, etc.


Small handheld electrostatic spray products

Suitable for various vegetable greenhouses, flower greenhouses, etc.

Jereh C-Create is committed to introducing customized mature agricultural equipment that meets China's national conditions by introducing international mature technology and independent innovation, so that users can enjoy smarter, more efficient and environmentally friendly agricultural equipment, and make agriculture better! The quality of agricultural machinery in the current market varies, and Jereh C-Create aims to be the best! Relying on the strong strength of Jereh Group's 20-year of high-end equipment manufacturing and the excellent industry incubation environment of Shandong Peninsula, Jereh C-Create is confident to make the highest quality products and serve the customers.