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Jereh C-Create awarded the "Best Agricultural Apple Machinery"

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November 15th to 16th, China Good Apple Contest 2019 National Finals and China Apple Industry Development Strategy Forum was successfully held in Yangling, Shanxi. Jereh C-Create Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to participate as an intelligent agricultural machinery developer and its equipment was awarded the "Best Agricultural Apple Machinery", whichshows industry’s recognition and praise for Jereh C-Create agricultural equipment.

China Good Apple Contest 2019 National Finals

Jereh C-Create was awarded the "Best Agricultural Apple Machinery" award

"This is good, the fruit type is good, and the taste is sweet."  November 15th, the China Good Apple Competition 2019 National Finals was held in Shanxi Yangling International Convention and Exhibition Center's performance hall, and 168 fruit farmers from the main apple producing areas across the country brought nearly a thousand apples. At the competition site, judges grade the apples by viewing four indicators, which are coloring area, fruit surface finish. taste& flavor, and juice crispness. Meanwhile, Hebei Agricultural University performed fruit quality inspection off-site, including fruit shape index, aroma substance, and coloring area, fruit surface finish and other 8 indicators. 

Judges' high standard selection scene

"Grow good fruit, sell good price, and enrich fruit farmers" is the theme of this event. It coincides with the philosophy of Jereh C-Create to promote intelligent agricultural machinery. "The transformation and upgrading of the Apple industry requires modern technology. The use of advanced agricultural machinery can not only help fruit farmers save people, time and effort, but more importantly, improve fruit quality and help farmers grow income", said Mr. Liu, a research and development engineer for intelligent agricultural machinery at Jereh C-Create. During the competition, the electrostatic spraying equipment, self-propelled orchard operation platform and intelligent fruit sorting platform launched by Jereh C-Create for apple planting management attracted many fruit farmers to consult.

Fruit farmers rush to consult Jereh C-Create intelligent agricultural machinery

Electrostatic sprayer - let every drop of medicine fully exert its effect

The electrostatic spraying device can establish an electric field in the vicinity of the sprayer head, so that it can spray a dense, uniform mist cloud that can be firmly adsorbed on the blade, and the electrostatic charge can also firmly adsorb the mist on the reverse side of the subject. At the same time, compared with the traditional air-assisted spraying equipment, the electrostatic spraying equipment has a stronger penetrating power and can reach the inner chamber of the plant directly.

Electrostatic spraying equipment requires only 40% pesticide dosage of the conventional spraying medicine, and the water consumption is less than half of the traditional spraying, which can greatly improve labor efficiency and save costs. In addition, the use of electrostatic spraying equipment gives full play to the efficacy of the fruit, makes good fruit condition, uniform color and uniform fruit expansion, increases yield as well as fruit value.

Jereh C-Create's electrostatic spray equipment operates in Yantai Apple Orchard Demonstration Zone

Self-propelled orchard operation platform, saves time and effort in orchard management

The self-propelled orchard operating platform is a device independently developed by Jereh C-Create, which is widely used for pruning branches such as apples and peaches, thinning flowers and fruits, picking bags, and packing fruits.

During the fruit picking process, the left and right sides of the platform are respectively equipped with three platforms of different heights, which can carry up to 12 people. It can satisfy the picking needs of fruit trees at different heights. And it is a perfect replacement for the traditional picking mode in which humans need to constantly climb up and down the fruit tree.

At the same time, the platform is equipped with a self-propelled mode, which does not require manual driving when traveling in a standardized orchard. The forward speed of the equipment is consistent with the picking speed of the picking workers. In addition to assisting the picking operation, the conveyor belt and container equipped with the equipment can automatically collect the picked apples into stacks through the conveyor belt, eliminating the need to manually transport the picking box, saving time and effort, and more than 5 times the efficiency of traditional picking.

Smart fruit sorting ensures good apples sold for a good price.

Jereh C-Create's intelligent fruit sorting system is a product that cooperates with companies from Israel with a history of 85 years. The system can accurately detect the inside and outside quality of fruits, whether it is the external color, size, fruit shape, flaws, or the internal sweetness and acidity, with or without mold heart disease at the same time. It can complete high-speed and accurate grading and classification of fruits based on artificially-set standards, avoiding manual visual deviations, and covering aspects that are not visible to the naked eye. The efficiency is 3 to 5 times that of manual, and the accuracy is unmatched by manual sorting.

In addition, the system can also assist in the completion of dirt cleaning, surface waxing, and surface drying procedures on the fruit surface. Fruit washing, blow drying, waxing, grading, weighing, and packaging are completed at one time. Take the 2-channel Apple sorting scheme as an example, the sorting capacity is up to 5 tons per hour.

Picture of Jereh C-Create Intelligent Fruit Sorting System

Jereh C-Create as a representative enterprise of domestic high-end agricultural machinery, is committed to promoting the development of China's forestry and fruit industry and industrial transformation and upgrading. It is also committed to introducing customized advanced agricultural equipment in line with China's national conditions through the introduction of international mature technology and independent innovation. Enjoy smarter, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly agricultural equipment to make agriculture better is what Jereh C-Create pursuits! Jereh C-Create is backed by the strong strength of Jereh Group's more than 20 years of high-end equipment manufacturing and the excellent industry incubation environment of Shandong Peninsula. It is confident to make the best products and serve the customers well.