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    Why Electrostatic Spray for Disinfection?
    01 /04
    Surface looking clean is really clean? NO!

    Unlike cleaning garbage, our naked eyes cannot tell if the virus are eliminated. A pen tip can hold 18,000 virus particles, which can infect 1,000+ people. Therefore, it is necessary to use efficient disinfection equipment, and electrostatic sprayer can achieve 360° coverage without dead ends.

    Increased difficulty to kill virus & germs in the air

    From January 2020 to April 2021, the number of Covid-19 cases worldwide exceeded 130 million, and early-stage patients exhaled millions of viruses every hour. Electrostatic sprayer is proven effective for aerosol disinfection, which can reduce bacteria to a safe level by public health safety standards and reduce the risks of infection.

    Give up disinfection due to worries of wetting objects? Great hidden risk!

    Keyboards, office phones, faucet handles, water dispensers, door handles, and self-service check-in devices are the places to hide viruses. Traditional sprayers will make them wet, while electrostatic sprayers will not wet objects as the average droplets size is 40 micron as fine as baby's hair.

    Excessive chemicals spraying is extremely harmful to people and the environment

    Disinfectant spraying is still the most effective disinfection method advocated by the World Health Organization. However, excessive spraying will impose a negative effect on the human respiratory tract, skin and mucous membranes, and will also harm natural organisms in the environment. Electrostatic sprayer has been proven to achieve better coverage with less consumption and save the chemicals up to 50%.

    One Stop Solution for Electrostatic Sprayers
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